Teamwork in our Community

🧐 Currently the kindergarten students are learning about teamwork. After learning about how teamwork looks like in our classroom and at home, we are currently learning about how people in our community also work together to get their job done.

✈️ Today the welcomed a Flight Attendant to tell us how team work looks like on the airplane

😮 On an airplane we learned that there are only 8 flight attendants that need to help 400 passengers?!?? That takes a lot of teamwork to help everyone on their long journey if they are hungry, thirsty, want a blanket, or not feeling well!

👩‍🔧 Flight attendants not only work together but with the pilot, the mechanics, and the ground control at the airport.

🗣 She also shared communication is important in her job but it’s very hard to talk to everyone because the airplane is so big and noisy, so often they use gestures to help share messages like: 👍 good, 👌 ok, 👎 not ok!

They even have a special way of asking if another flight attendant has a certain meal by acting out like the animal! 🐷pork, beef 🐮, chicken 🐓, fish 🐟! What a creative way to communicate and solve a problem!

Thank you so much for an informative presentation! Now let’s use our new knowledge during our play centers!