Global and Cultural Competency

✈️A conversation that the students often are speaking amongst themselves during our Taiwan trip(specifically at the beginning of the trip) is this notion of comparison. “The food looks kinda xxx” “In Japan it’s cleaner”, “It smells xxx”

🇯🇵 Perhaps it’s normal for humans to say that our country is “better”. However in this globalized society, children need to increase their cultural competence where they have the flexibility to understand and respect values, attitudes, beliefs, that differ across cultures

🐲In our daily assembly and conversations, we dialogue about these feelings and try to make meaning of our new experiences.

🍜 After the fourth day in Taiwan , students are starting to take risks and try to seek out new experiences. They are starting to accept that their own values and culture is not the only thing there is in the world. They are taking initiative on making conversation with local people, making attempts to speak the local language and trying all sorts of new food.

🌏No longer has anyone mentioned using a hand sanitizer before dinner or cleaning their forks with a wet wipe. These experiences is what these young bright leaders need to make the world a more peaceful place for the future.