Admission Process





Students wishing to enter SIS should make a request for the School Guideline. 
The method to obtain these documents are as follows.


For inquiries by telephone:

There may be cases that the telephone is switched to the answering machine. Please leave your name, inquiry contents, contact information and we will call you back.

For inquiries online :

Please fill in the contact information and we will send you the School Guideline as PDF file





Attend an Open House to learn more about our school philosophy and application process. You can read more about OPEN HOUSE and RSVP on the link down below 


 If the Open House dates do not work with your schedule, we encourage you to contact us and arrange a visit for a more convenient time.





Please send the following items to apply


  1. Completed application forms

  2. A recent family photo 

  3. All academic records from the previous year

  4. Application fee deadline for 2020: Depending on the application deadline

  5. Non refundable ¥ 17,050 application fee deposited to 

  • Account Name: Kabushikikaisha Glopath

  • Bank/Branch(Shiten): Yokohama Bank/ Kannai 

  • Account Type: Ordinary Account

  • Account No: 6035268




  1. Attend examination (trial class attendance for examination plus interview with the principal)

  2. Discuss the Green Sheet (interview with parents)

  3. Notified of acceptance


Screening test:

A screening test for all prospective students is compulsory. Depending on the program, the intent differs, however the test is to see if the students has the requisite language level and the social & emotional competency required to follow our curriculum.  Students may be denied admission to SIS based on the results of this test


++For grade school students, an additional oral interview,  English language exam (measuring grade level reading) and a writing sample will be required. The results will help us determine the type of learning support the students may need after enrollment.  



On a separate day, an interview with both parents is required. The interview with parents will be by the members of the school leadership team.




Applicants from outside Japan

Applicants residing outside Japan may also apply without a personal visit and may be given tentative acceptance based on school records. However, in such cases, the interview should be scheduled upon arrival in Japan and, as with any other student, the screening test will be administered to the student before he can be officially enrolled at SIS.






After the screening test and the interview have been completed, the principal and admissions team will review all the application materials and make a decision regarding acceptance. Once the student has been officially accepted, the parents should:

  • Pay the registration fee; 2-3 years old 200,000 yen

  • 3-6 years old 300,000 yen, Grade School 300,000 yen

  • Pay the required tuition and other fees according to the policies of the school;

  • Submit the remaining application forms 



Special  Needs

Students with learning disabilities which prevent them from participating in certain activities, require extra attention and support in their learning.  SIS does not have all the facilities necessary to support students with special educational needs. However, we are able to accept students with special needs that are within our limits and we will do our best to assist the student.  Before a place is offered to a child with special educational needs, SIS will invite the parents to come for a meeting to ascertain whether we can offer the environment the child needs.


Important Dates 

for the 2021-2022 Admissions

Application Forms #1 and #2 Due 

​Kindergarten: September 18th, Friday 2020

Grade School and Middle School: September 25th, Friday 2020

Progress Report #3 is due 

same dates as above

Application Fee is due

Kindergarten: September 18th, Friday 2020 14:00

Grade School and Middle School: September 25th, Friday 2020 14:00

*If you have not paid by the stated date and time mentioned above, all screening and interviews will be canceled.

Interview with the school principal 

September 30th (Wed) or October 3rd (Sat) 
*Assigned dates will be notified via email.
*Interview and Screening dates may be held on different dates.


September 30th (Wed) or October 3rd (Sat) *Assigned dates will be notified via email.*Interview and Screening dates may be held on different dates.

Acceptance Letter posted out 

October 9th, Friday 2020   

Registration Due

October 16th, Friday 2020  14pm 

Open Availability

Age group
2-6 : Available
6-10:  Available

10-11: Available