During our two week academic program, the Elementary school kids will brush up their skills in reading, writing and work on a 3- week inquiry unit based around an area of personal interest.  Additionally, students will increase their technology literacy by collaborating with their peers on building simple robotic systems using coding skills. 






Program Objective 学習目的 




Writing & Reading



Student Agency 


Acedemic Goals 



8:30 Morning Prep. 
8:45  Morning Exercise   
9:15  Reading/  Working on Goals 
10:15  Creative Writing Workshop
11:30 Spelling Pop Quiz 
11:45   Lunch/ Sports 
13:00  Programming 
14:30   Table Topics 
15:00  Academic Goals
​16:00 Dismiss
(After School 16:00- 18:00)
16:00 Passion Projects 
18:00 Dismiss 
Grade School Summerのクラスの中で使用される言語は「英語」です。しかしながら、「英語」のスキルのバックグラウンドが異なる環境から参加される子供たちがいます。そのため、「英語」に触れることがはじめての子供たちには、新しく学ぶ言語に対して、まずはモチベーションと興味を引き出し、働きかけます。Grade School Summerのプログラムは、文法やコンベンションなどの英語のスキルにフォーカスを置かない代わりに、言語の習得に必要な3つの要素を取り入れています。ひとつ目は、学習した知識とスキルの認知学習、学習内容に影響を与える社会性と感情性の調和、そして3つ目に子供が自分のとった行動や言動を振り返る力、すなわち精神運動スキルです


  • 音読を通じて、読解力を高め、次の項目を実施します。

  • 新しい単語と出会う

  • スキミングのスキルを通じて、本の中にある要点をつかむ

  • 本のテーマが何か、またそのテーマをサポートする情報を読み解く

  • 本を読む際に、ノートをとる

  • 本読みを通じて、論理的、合理的、また客観的に内容を理解できるようなプロセスを学ぶ

  • 音読の際に、なめらかに読む




LEGO® Education WeDoをつかって、シンプルなロボティックシステムを組み立てます。シンプルなコーディングスキル、エンジニアリングや









Classroom Language
The primary classroom language at SIS will be English, however, we understand that there will be a difference in language abilities and experiences. Therefore for students who are beginning their journey as English learners, we will work specifically on their curiosity and motivation for the new language. At SIS we believe this is the essential stage to becoming a life long learners of a new language. Please be aware that our program does not only focus on grammar and conventions of language but all three domains of learning- these are cognitive (skills and knowledge), affective (emotional stability) and psychomotor (the act of doing and reflection).


Students will practice reading comprehension skills necessary in an academic setting. The reading skills we will focus specifically are:

  • Recognizing and using more vocabulary

  • Applying skimming skills to comprehend to main ideas and specific details

  • Identify topic/ main ideas & Supporting details

  • Use note taking strategies when reading 

  • Apply critical thinking skills (e.g. inferring) to the reading process with guidance 

  • Reading fast and fluently

For students in need of EAL support, our EAL staff will have 'pull out' sessions during literacy/ language arts sessions and work with them on their individualized programs. 

Creative Writing

Students are challenged to complete at least one well-developed, polished piece throughout the two weeks    Through writer's workshop students will gain skills in writing, editing, analysis, and effective communication. Don't worry if you don't have prior experiences as a writer, our workshop is there to help you gain confidence and skills on becoming better writers! For students in need of EAL support, our EAL staff will have 'pull out' u sessions during literacy/ language arts sessions and work with them on their individualized programs.


 Your child will build and program simple robotic systems using LEGO® Education WeDo, use simple coding skills, engineering concepts, components of the robotic system and connect it to block programming to expand their project. Students assess different outputs of the system by varying the inputs and variables. They learn to analyze and present these results to an audience. This program reinforces team-building skills, boosts confidence and encourages your child to experiment with new ideas.

Table Topics  

TableTopics is a time where we engage in conversations about our thoughts, opinions, desires, and dreams. We will sit around the table and take turns discussing random topics written on pieces of paper placed in a box in the middle of the table. The purpose is to be able to spontaneously generate your thinking and speaking. 

Independent Goals

We all have specific goals that we want to attain academically and personally. This could be simply "being able to say the times tables faster", or "being able to play the play the scales on the keyboard more fluently".  With the help of teachers, the students will work towards attaining their goals. Learning to set goals plays an important role as your child starts to gain independence and feel as though she has some control over her own life. When she begins figuring out what she wants to achieve and accomplish, it can set the stage for her to be more self-motivated and not depend as much on external rewards and praise. 

  • 1週間プログラム: 59,400円(税込)
  • 2週間プログラム: 106,920円 (税込)
  • 延長保育:1時間 1,000円
  • ケータリングランチ・ディナー: 1食 600円
  • Week B   8月3日~8月7日

  • Week C   8月17日~8月21日

  • Week D   8月24日~8月29日

  • 延長保育: あり(別途ご相談ください)16:00~18:00*
  • ​ケータリングランチ: あり(事前予約)
  • ケータリングディナー:あり(事前予約)
English Information
6 years ~ 12 years old
  • 1 Week Program: 59,400 yen(tax inlcuded) 
  • 2 Weeks Program: 106,920 yen (tax included)
  • 3 Weeks Program: 
   (Includes, insurance, tuition, materials, field trip)
   transportation is not included.
<Dates and Time>
Week B: August 3rd- August 7th, 2020
Week C: August 17th- August 21st, 2020
Week D: August 24th- August 29th, 2020 
※Please be aware that the duration of programs are 1 week , 2 weeks or/and 3 weeks
  • Extended Child Care ( 4:00pm- 6:00pm)
  • Pick Up Service 
  • Lunch Service 
    • Option #1: Students may bring their own lunch.

    • Option #2: Pre-order  school lunch through the application form at additional cost.
      *Please note that lunch cannot be purchased on the day.


Please attend the Summer School Orientation before applying.
(Reservation required) 
  • TBA

Video: Creating a Soccer Game

Video: Sharing my reading achievements to everyone

Video: Choose, Act and Reflect!