Our Program

Our Program

SIS offers four programs depending on age groups.

  • Parenting


    Parenting creates the foundation for all other programs by providing an opportunity to learn about infant development, an essential stage in globally minded education. Daily routines will be adjusted to ensure learning continues in the home, and children will learn to “problem solve” through play.

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  • Kindergarten


    The primary focus of the Kindergarten program is social and emotional learning, which is required of children to grow into globally minded citizens. The ultimate goal is not mastery of the English language, but to build the foundation for self expression. A child must be able to form his or her thoughts and emotions, and self reflect before being able to self-express using language, whether the language is English or Japanese.

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  • Grade School

    Grade School

    In Grade School we begin by encouraging expression through the home language. We provide oppurtunities for children to share their thoughts and emotions. Children use these tools not only in the classroom, but apply them practicallly in various situations. Education plays an integral and vital role when children are developing their personalities and values, which occurs during the Grade School years.

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  • Middle School

    Middle School

    In Middle School, we provide oppurtunities for students to apply their skills in confident self-expression they have built over their younger years. We explore inquiry-based themes appropriate for each student. Students are required to confidently adapt their roles in finding their way in a quickly changing world.

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  • Parenting Workshop

    Parenting Workshop

    Parent workshops are to learn about the social and emotional development of each child. During these workshops, we discuss how we, both parents and teachers, as adults can implement the same strategies to help support the children’s social and emotional well-being.

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  • Organic School Lunch

    Organic School Lunch


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