【Grade 6 Humanities】 

(English Follows) 小学校6年生は今Humanities のクラスで「地球環境問題が人類に及ぼす影響」について探究をしています。まとめのタスクでは江ノ島水族館の海洋生物学者の目線から見て、水族館のお客様に海だけでなく、人間にも影響を及ぼすマイクロプラスチック汚染について警告するポスターを作りました。評価基準では単に意見を述べるのではなく情報やデータを使うといった基準になっています。学校に来る際ぜひ見てみてください! Currently the grade 6 students are undergoing a unit titled “Effect of Human Activities on the Environment”. As part of our summative assessment students are taking on the role as a marine biologist that works at our local Aquarium. Their task is to research and convey the customers on the effects of plastic usage to both the natural environment and humans. One assessment criteria for this assignment is to include data and facts to persuade readers. The poster is posted right outside the middle school room. If you have time please come and see it.