(English follows) 今週はMADE IN JAPAN WEEK です!キンダーでは主に日本の遊びを中心とした活動をしております。昨日はダルマさんが転んだをテーマにし、小沢正さんの絵本「だるまさんがころんだ」を読みました。転んだダルマさんが一生懸命立ち上がる姿を見て子供達も「頑張って」「もう少し」と声を揃えて応援していました! ガイデッドプレーの時間では皆んなでダルマさんが転んだを遊びました。レッドのお友達には急に止まる事が少し難しく、ワイトとのお友達は助けてあげながら遊んでいました。 まだまだ日本の遊びをとうしてグループワークやコミュニケーションスキルを学んで行きたいと思います! This week is MADE IN JAPAN WEEK! Kindergarten is mainly engaged in activities mainly focusing on Japanese play. During guided play time students played the "Daruma-san ga koronda!" The group stands on one end of the playing area, at the starting line. The person who is "It" stands at the other end, at the finish line, with his back to the group. He says, "Daruma-san ga koronda!" Then he quickly turns around to face the group. When he is facing away from the group, the people in the group run towards the finish line. Meanwhile, as soon as the one who's "It" finishes saying, "Daruma-san ga koronda!" he quickly turns around to face the group. The group must freeze. Anyone who is caught moving has to go back to the starting line. The game continues like this until someone reaches the finish line. That person wins and is "It" in the next round.