The Invaluable Lessons Farming Teaches Us

There are so many reasons to spend time gardening with your children. These range from physical, to mental, to spiritual. Children get physical exercise, fresh air and sunlight, an education about where food comes from, to use math skills, and learn many life lessons about patience, hope, and the cycle of life. Countless lessons can be learned while working a garden. Children can learn what food looks like before it reaches their plate and what exactly goes into growing, picking, transporting, storing, preparing to eat, and even composting the waste back into the garden to start the cycle again. They can exercise their math skills when planning the garden - how far apart to plant seeds, how many plants are needed to feed a group, how often to water or perform other tasks. Children can perform scientific experiments by seeing which plants work well together, changing the amount of water different plants receive, or planting the same flower in shade or sun to see what kind of results they can get. Farming education at SIS nurtures students to become personally invested in their projects and feel that their actions and decisions will effect the growth of the plants and animals we are nurturing. Currently the second graders are learning to use a variety of tools to help us with complete a variety of farming tasks.