Annual School Presentation 2019

The grades 1 and 2 will be performing a play by Julia Donaldson " Room on the Broom" while grades 3-7 have been working hard on their production of “Charlotte’s Web”. The holistic approach that the students have taken has allowed the play was planned, directed, and managed by the students. The production is an accumulation of the student’s creativity, leadership, and a sense of imagination. The students have incorporated music, and sound effects, in addition to their own costumes, planning, and all other related aspects of the production. As such, please look forward to your child’s play production on the 17th of February 2019. The location details, as well as the time, will be sent through the SIS News, and as always, your continued support is greatly appreciated as we continue to nurture the growth of your child. With best regards, SIS Teachers 今回のプレゼンテーションは二つの劇を皆様にお届けします!グレード1・2では ジュリア・ドナルドソンの絵本「Room on the Broom」を元にした劇をプレゼンテーションいたします。お話の内容は、優しい魔女とその子猫が行うアドベンチャーストーリー。そして、グレード3から7年生はE・B・ホワイトで知られる「シャーロットのおくりもの』をお届けいたします。子どもの自発性を尊重した環境を常に意識しているSISだからこそ、子ども達にオーナーシップを与え自分が人前でどの様にプレゼンテーションをしたいのかを子供達が決め、みんなで探究しています。当日は生徒が登場人物となる為に、どの様なスピーチデバイスを使い自分を表現しているのかを、ぜひお楽しみください!