【更新】新型コロナウィルス 4月13日~5月1日までの授業について(Safety Notice Regarding Coronavirus )

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子どものまなびをとめることなく健康で安全な方法を検討いたしました結果、 次の措置をとります:




Grade School:



Middle School:







Regarding classes between April 13th-May 1st

As many of you know, the condition and information on COVID-19 is changing on a daily basis. The Prime minister may announce the emergency declaration at any time this week.

To maintain a safe and healthy learning environment for each child, SIS will be taking action for the following programs:

Students will not be coming to school due to the following reasons:

  • The continuous rising infection rate of COVID-19 in the Tokyo and Kanagawa area has been increasing, not decreasing.

  • To avoid the risk of viral cross contamination, especially for students, and teachers who live far from school, and need to use public transportation.

  • Family members who may be traveling to Tokyo and other areas of Japan and have been exposed to contamination risks.

Child Care:

  • There will be no child care service available.


  • Utilizing Virtual learning and home school with the support of the Kindergarten teachers.

Grade School and Middle School:

  • Each subject teacher will be conducting classes through virtual classrooms.