Vision Statement

SHONAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is committed to providing children with a bilingual educational program with a strong commitment to Japanese langauge, culture and curriculum while developing English language proficiency. 
Japanese program is designed to create awareness of the Japanese culture and is taught with the same principles as the international curriculum. The program incorporates world-class standards that actively involve students in the learning process. The time a child spends with teacher and with their parents influences and develops their self concept and values. These interactions influence them throughout their lives.WE AS A SCHOOL – offer a place to reach those who need the most help to adopt ways to teach children to cope with the tasks and problems of present and later life. We teachers are here to develop positive social skills, helping children to interact with their peers and adults. The students learn cooperative and problem solving skills while developing leadership skills as well as being aware of the need for kindness and empathy towards others.


A child who is respectful is considerate about the feelings of others and will treat them fairly and kindly. A child should also respect themselves and be able to say to others, "I don't like it when ... please do not do that". A respectful child will not tease, ridicule and hit others. A respectful child will not interfere with another child's property. 
* Children become respectful when they are treated with respect. 


A resourceful child can communicate in different ways and can inquire about different ways to solve problems. The child is able to gather information from different sources and share our work in many different ways 
* Children become resourceful when they are given opportunities to make decisions and to ask meaningful questions. 

A responsive child is friendly, affectionate and loving. When a child is loved they are able to give love in return. Love means not hurting each other and solving problems by talking and listening to each other. 
Children become responsive when they are loved and respected. 
The child is responsible for themselves and their own actions. They accept their duties and complete it properly. A responsible child is willing to be taught how to do certain tasks. 
* Children become responsible when they are given responsibilities and praised for completing them. 
Core Values: 
Shonan International School actively involves children in the learning process and encourages them to become global citizens in our diverse world based on our values of the 4Rs. 
We at Shonan International School understand that to gain all of these attributes takes time, practice and patience but we are working to achieve these goals and believe that the best way is to encourage, encourage and encourage the child. 
We believe in positive reinforcement and encouragement in the learning process. In SIS, encouragement is a continuous process aimed at giving the child a sense of self-respect and accomplishment. 
" A child needs encouragement like a plant needs sun and water"
~ Rudolph Dreikurs


Admittance Requirements: 
SIS provides compulsory workshops for parents. These workshops are primarily to explain our schools' philosophy and methodology, as the children will benefit if all understand the program.  
Subsidy from Board of Education 
SIS has been licensed officially since 2002. Parents living in Ayase-shi, Fujisawa-shi, Kamakura-shi, Chigasaki and Samukawa-cho are officially subsidized from each Board of Education.