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At SIS, we frequently use technology to help self-assess how well we understand our new learning. We also use it as to advocate our new values and ideas to the world.  This, in short, allows us to become responsible global citizens where we are taking action to help make the world a better place. We hope you enjoy our videos!

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Ocean Camp is developed to provide an educational and recreational environment to instruct young people how to handle themselves safely in a variety of ocean situations. The program aims to develop respect for the marine environment and build confidence when interacting with the ocean. Furthermore, it is the goal of camp to introduce survival skills that are required to camp out in nature for a week! Our SIS teachers will help facilitate a variety of environmental tasks for students to nurture the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become nature smart.



静岡県下田の自然の中で一週間生活し、ゲームやテレビもない世界の中でどのような遊びを作れるか。 キャンプを通じて、普段生活の中で実体験している事柄(準備、自分と物の管理)を応用する場面を提供し、 そこに冒険ならではの火のおこし方、テントの貼り方等を学びます! 大人が考える以上に、チャレンジ=リスクをとる力や能力はすべて子どもが潜在的に持っています。 その「自立心」と「自尊心」を育てるためには環境を提供し、子どもが体感したことを、「分かち合うこと」が大切だと私たちは考えています。小学1年生から中学生を対象とした年齢層の幅も特徴で、 子どものアビリティー=能力に応じたグループワークを行うことで、より子どもが自信にあふれた体験を提供することが可能となります.

Ukulele Girls playing their favourite song!

The kindergarten friends are collobratively playing their favorite song. 

A Happy New Year to our Friends around the World

To everyone who has helped us grow in 2015, we thank you for all your inspiration, energy and passion. We hope to make 2016 as greater as the previous! Thank you and see you all very soon!

The Happy Weekend Dance

Have a Fantastic Weekend Everyone! 

A dance routine from Senegal

How many unique Senegal dance movements can you identify ?
Dance movement starts at about 2:20 seconds

All I want for Christmas is you!

Grabbed some instruments you'd find in an elementary school classroom  to sing Mariah Carey  holiday classic, "All I Want For Christmas Is You."!

第3回国連防災世界会議 仙台

World Conference on Disaster Reduction Speech 1World Conference on Disaster Reduction 第3回国連防災世界会議 仙台Speech 1 (FULL VERSION)*For more information visit:

Epoi Tai Tai Yeah!~

A Unit on World Music and Art! The students designed their own African Masks and made their own dance! 

Hungry Hippos!

Since it was raining cats and dogs today, we played an interactive game called hungry hippos. Basically students need to help each other to eat as much biscuits as possible !!

Sharing My Marvellous Invention

Students are sharing their marvelous inventions to the class !

Uptown Funk Dance!

We choreographed some dance routine for our favorite song.
Dancing can provide the safe havens where mistakes are treated as discoveries and expression is celebrated. Dance matters because it teaches kids to think and respond to the world around them.Dance gives the freedom and permission for students to question and explore!

Business Proposal


School Video 2015!

School Video 2015!

Our TedX Presentation by our Proud Graduate!


Kids Dancing the Tarantella

The grade 1 and 2 are dancing the Tarantella,a dance from Sicily!The tarantella is a lively country partner dance of Southern Italy, very popular in Sicily.It is danced in public and private events and in the past it was a courting occasion.It is thought that the name originally derives from a dance performed by the tarantato, a person bitten by the poisonous spider tarantula, to move away the devil who took over his body after the bit.For this reason it was considered a purifying dance because the sweat, caused by the hopping during the fast time dance, eliminated from the body all the tarantula’s poisonous substance .Add Description here

'Let It Go!'

[MUSIC CLASS! ]今年も一年間このメンバーでいっぱい音楽を作って行きました!そこで、最終プロジェク­トとして今年のベストソング12曲をコンピレーションアルバムにする事に決まりました­。最初レコーディングする曲はやっぱりこれです!From African folk songs to Michael Jackson, we explored and created many new songs this year . To wrap up the year, we choose our best twelve songs to rerecord and create a final compilation album. Here's whatTODAY'S recording session sounded like!

Jackson Family Foundation

LEGACY OF THE LEGEND[Christmas Eve at SHIBUYA NIGHT 2014 (Tokyo, Japan)]Project to support children “The Great East Japan Earthquake” 2014.12.24 JFFJ broadcasted it with eight large-scale visions around the center of Tokyo, Shibuya at the same time.With cooperation of the performance collaboration app “nana” ⇒, we raised a lot of choruses.Then it became a big choruses for Tohoku Children now!We broadcast the chorus of the gift in return from the high school students from Fukusima, yells from the inside and outside the country, our activity introduction, a notice of new project”Michael Tree”! Please check it out!(15.01.13 update)JFF → → http://

A Beautiful Song 'Tomorrow'

School Musical 2014 - Winne the Pooh

Flash Mob Rehearsal!

Animal Reporter

[Animal Reporter]
A student documenting her learning at the zoo by using the video camera and pretending to be a news reporter . It's a fantastic and inventive way to let others know what we have learned. Conventionally, we teach kids to write when we report our learning but how much more will it be engaging if we could incorporate elements of drama, language and technology in our learning

Jackson Family Foundation

ジャクソン・ファミリー財団Presents『クリスマスイブ 渋谷ナイト2014』東日本大震災 被災地の子供たち応援プロジェクトMJWWT Project Vol.1 / LEGACY OF THE LEGEND

Video Storytelling: Tale of the Turnip

Winter Party Rehearsal! 2013 Dress you Up

Saving the African Elephant

[テーマ: 動物を助けるためには...]
Grade Two and Grade Three 
Theme: Save the Animals! 
The Students have being learning about illegal poaching of African elephants. Though hunting of elephants are permitted in some areas of Africa, the Kenyan government opposes ivory trading and keeps a policy which bans sports hunting of the wildlife.The students have decided go donate partial of their profit from carnival to JTEF, a organization that helps strengthen the poaching patrol and the control, in the main national parks in Kenya. Here is a video clip that documents their learning.

Tire Changing Challenge!

Year of production: 2007

Students have being learning about the history of Bicycles in the language arts class  Today they had a mini workshop on how to change tires. To show off our new skills we did a mini race to see who can change their tire the fastest!
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