ADVENTURE SHONAN 6-12歳向けサマープログラム


Shonan International School has offered engaging and creative Summer Day Camp programs since 1995. Since the very start, we have been inspired to use Shonan`s natural resources to entice students to be curious and to draw out their love for nature. We are inspired by Reggio Emilia’s approach to learning, in which the environment plays a crucial role as a third teacher. When children are placed in an environment that is suited to their interests, students can develop creativity, thinking, and problem-solving skills, curiosity, experimentation, and open-ended play.
Embark on a thrilling week of summer adventure with us in Shonan! Our Summer Day Camp is about learning, having a blast, and creating unforgettable memories.
This is a one-week inquiry unit in which students discover about themselves and express ideas, feelings, and creativity through their experiences with nature. Students will inquire about the following:
Express themselves through nature sports
Expressing themselves through nature art
Express their problem-solving skills with others
English Education:
At our camp, we take a unique approach to English education. Unlike traditional methods that rely on drills and exercises, we believe English Competency is best developed through social learning. This means that individuals learn language through observation and mimicking others while responding to stimuli they receive from the people around them. Our campers are primarily full-time SIS students, and our classes are conducted in English. Our teachers, who are also full-time SIS teachers, are experts in language teaching. We use various interactive methods, including games, activities, and conversation practices, to make learning fun and effective. With small group sizes, we ensure that each child receives personalized attention and guidance, fostering a safe and supportive learning environment.

Who are the Camp Teachers

During camp, your child will be part of a crew. Within this crew, one SIS teacher will oversee the safety of the children and facilitate camp activities. Additionally, one Camp Leader plays the mentor role for each group. They are crucial to ensuring your child’s safety, skill achievement, and well–being. Our Camp leaders are SIS Middle school students and previous graduates. The SIS teacher and the Camp Leader will bring their unique experiences and skills to create a safe and enjoyable camp environment.




Camper Drop off
Each program starts and ends with a “campfire.” This isn’t an actual campfire and refers to a time when we circle up and talk about the plan for the day or reflect on the day’s activities.
9:15Beach Exercise/Yoga
10:00Nature Challenge
The teacher will pose a task to solve in nature. These tasks may include building a shelter, building a boat, creating a firepit, creating a treasure map to play a game, or water collector! The challenge is to find natural materials around our surroundings!
13:00Discovery Time
This is our term for “recess” or “free time.” There will be occasional Discovery Time throughout the day, which is a time to play on the beach or around the campsite
14:00Tranquil Time
Our days are action packed but we understand that our campers also need some quiet time. We provide a variety of activities, such as reading, drawing, or art activities, which can be enjoyed solo or within small groups.
15:00Grand Games
We will spend the majority of our days within small groups called our “crews.” Sometimes, we bring together multiple crews, if not the whole day camp, to play a large group game.
Be prepared to be wet!
16:00-16:30Campers Pickup


Meeting PointYanagishima Camp Field
Camp Location〒253-0063 神奈川県茅ヶ崎市柳島海岸1592−1
Dates7/29-8/2 (5days)
Price126,500円(税込)/5days + キャンプTシャツ含む
LunchPlease bring home lunch.
What to bringDO NOT BRING video games!!
Max Capacity20名 ※在籍生が別途参加します。
Procedure for Applicationこちらのフォームから
We do not accept bookings on the phone
PaymentAfter completing the application, you will be issued a STRIPE payment, which you can pay by credit card.

任意参加のOpen House(説明会)もあります。またOpen Houseの動画は下記フォームからお問い合わせ後に限定公開にて配布いたします。