About SIS

Mission Statement

Shonan International School upholds the following standards to create global citizens.

Mission Statement

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Shonan International School is committed to providing children with a bilingual education program with a strong commitment to Japanese language, culture, and curriculum while developing commitment to intercultural understanding


Vision Statement

The Japanese program is designed to create awareness of the Japanese culture and is taught with the same principles as the international curriculum. The program incorporates world-class standards that actively involve students in the learning process. The time a child spends with a teacher and with their parent’s influences and develops their self-concept and values. These interactions influence them throughout their lives. WE AS A SCHOOL – offer a place to reach those who need the most help to adopt ways to teach children to cope with the tasks and problems of the present and later life. We, teachers, are here to develop positive social skills, helping children to interact with their peers and adults. The students learn cooperative and problem-solving skills while developing leadership skills as well as being aware of the need for kindness and empathy towards others.

The 4s

A student who is respectful is considerate about the feelings of others and will treat them fairly. Students should also respect themselves and be able to set and respect personal boundaries. A respectful student will not tease, ridicule and bully others.

* Students become respectful when they are treated with respect*
A resourceful student is able to communicate in different ways. There are encouraged to use many resources to learn about problems and gain multiple perspectives.

* Students become resourceful when they are given opportunities to ask meaningful questions*
A responsive student is friendly kind and respectful. When a student is respected they can respect in return. Respect means not hurting each other and solving problems by talking and listening.

* Students become responsive when they are respected*
Students can take responsibility for their actions and their feelings.

* Student becomes responsible when they are given responsibilities and praised accordingly*

SIS employs the Gaiety Method, a discovery-based learning method which allows for the practical application of the 4Rs. Discovery-based learning places the child at the center of the learning process, and is driven by what interests and motivates them. Educators cretae learning goals for their students, and create classes which directly reflect student interests. Learning based on “discovery” focuses on the implications of themes and is instilled more naturally in the child, instead of emphasizing how much factual knowledge is being memorized.
We believe that co-active dialogue with the adults around them, who have their own beliefs and values, are essential in turning student thoughts and ideas into output. This co-active dialogue creates Encouragement
(instilling “courage”), which leads to motivation and energy.
Encouragement should be speech based on the recipient’s emotions and thoughts, which differentiates it from speech solelyy based on praise.

The Gaiety Method is a program which provides children a chance for self discovery, constructive support from adults to maximize their power to think and feel, and experience the joy of lifelong learnng.
We at Shonan International School understand that to gain all of these attributes takes time, practice and patience but we are working to achieve these goals and believe that the best way is to encourage, encourage and encourage the child.



  • 子どもと関わる大人は子供の心理に沿って子供の行動の意味合いを学んでいます。
  • 子どもと関わる大人は子供の行動のパターンを観察し、伝える力を伸ばしながら自立した解決をサポートします。
  • 子どもと関わる大人は子供の興味に関心をよせ、ともに体験し、感動し、勇気づけます。
  • 子どもと関わる大人はチームとして柔軟にいろいろな考え方をとりいれる姿勢を意識しています。
  • 子どもと関わる大人は自らの良さを磨いています。
  • 子どもと関わる大人は子供の価値観を知り、先入観を持たずに接します。
  • 子どもと関わる大人は体験した結果を味わい、順序立てて話し合い、子供の論理的思考を作ります。
  • 子どもと関わる大人は目的を明確にし、自分を振り返り、誠実に実践しています。
  • 子どもと関わる大人は楽しい、新しいことを生み出し、形にしています。



Company Name
Shonan International School Inc.
May, 2011
C-2F Aerus Tsujido, Hatori 3-1-8, Fujisawashi, Kanagawaken
Tomoki Suzuki, President
Operational Goals
①Realizing children’s thoughts and ideas
③Supporting adults who challenge themselves

Shonan International School

  • Kindergarten CoordinatorGaiety Iwasawa
  • Grade School CoordinatorBryan Norton
  • Middle School CoordinatorJohnny Yang
  • Curriculum CoordinatorTakemi Iwasawa
  • Administration LeaderSeema Eiko Aso
  • KindergartenPrivate Hoikuen Facility(Unlicensed Daycare)
  • Grade School and Middle SchoolAlternative School


Why SIS at Shonan?

The Shonan area, surrounded by both mountains and the ocean, is blessed with ample opportunities to interact with nature. Many of our programs encourage our students to explore and expand their interests, of which many can be found in the natural environment that Shonan provides. We have chosen Shonan as our home, so our students may fully utilize and expand on their curiosities. The area is also easily accessible to Tokyo, and the residential environment is very favorable to families.